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What Does Window Replacement Cost?

Windows are often one of the most overlooked design features of a house. But old and dated-looking windows can quickly hurt your property value and damaged or deteriorating windows can hurt your energy efficiency and result in issues like condensation and mold growth.

Wood Window Repair Can Be Done

Its funny how after 15 years in business and thousands of window sash made, that not a day goes by I hear another customer doubt the notion of window repair. How is that possible? Why is that a good idea? I didn't know you could do that?

How to Measure for Window Replacement

We’re going to take some of the mystery out of how to measure for window replacement. While every home and window is different, if you use these window measuring tips, you’ll be able to select the windows for your next project with confidence.

Window Repair Improves Energy Efficiency

Looking to improve the energy efficiency of your windows? Window replacement isn't always the answer. Some simple cost saving improvements can be made to your existing wood windows to improve their efficiency without replacing the whole window.

Casement Window Sash Replacement

Have a casement window sash replacement or repair project? Removing a casement sash for repair or replacement can be simple with these easy steps.

Why replace your windows when you can repair them?

For years, I've been amazed at the number of homeowners who would rather replace original wood windows with vinyl substitutes then simply repair them.

Can wood windows be repaired? Yes! A replacement window contradiction.

I recently had a lengthy conversation with a concerned (or rather confused) consumer about her window issues.

Rockwell Window Parts and Repair

Rockwell replacement windows and parts are available through ReWindow.

Seal Rite Window Repair: Mission Possible

Seal Rite replacement windows and parts are available through ReWindow.

Windsor Window Parts and Repair

We invite you to compare the cost of repairing your Windsor windows with the pricing available through ReWindow.

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