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Wood Window Repair Can Be Done

Its fun­ny how after 15 years in busi­ness and thou­sands of win­dow sash made, that not a day goes by I hear anoth­er cus­tomer doubt the notion of win­dow repair. How is that pos­si­ble? Why is that a good idea? I did­n’t know you could do that?

Well folks, I’m hear to tell you it is very possible!

 No this isn't putty.  It isn't a patch job!  A replacement sash and trim kit brings this window back to new condition for a fraction of the cost of a whole new window AND it matches the rest of the windows on the house.

I’m guess­ing you had a win­dow sales­man tell you win­dows can’t be fixed? I’ve heard that from home inspec­tors and even real­tors. This issue is about edu­cat­ing the pub­lic on their options. New win­dows are not always your only, or even best option. Win­dow repair saves mon­ey. Win­dow repair is part of a huge renew-repair-restore move­ment in home improve­ment. When done prop­er­ly and pro­fes­sion­al­ly, can improve the exist­ing win­dow for less than a new one.

Let’s talk about win­dow repair being done poorly.

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Putty doesn't work. I'll give you cheap and temporary as your only positives here.
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Look at this guy.  Won't bother to remove the vertical trim to properly repair the sill nosing.  Does this repair look original or even professional?
Um, only doing half the sill doesn't work either.  If one side went bad, what makes you think the other side won't go bad too?  You end up constantly revisiting that same window by only doing the bare minimum every time.
Joe pick up sash repair
This one is my favorite.  The bottom of the sash was rotten so Mr. Joe pick-up's idea was to just nail another board over the face of the sash!  Oh, BTW, this was a bedroom window.  Do you think you could open that in case of an emergency?

Our biggest hur­dle as pro­fes­sion­als is over com­ing the stig­ma of these types of repairs”. Your neigh­bor gets some­thing like this done for as cheap as they can, but then real­ize after the fact, the cheap price solved noth­ing. You in turn have the thought in your head, you cer­tain­ly aren’t going to waste your mon­ey on win­dow repair after see­ing what your neigh­bor got.

Win­dow repair works when done prop­er­ly by skilled pro­fes­sion­als. More impor­tant­ly with the prop­er mate­ri­als and prod­ucts. Here’s where the sales pitch comes in. ReWin­dow is your des­ti­na­tion for fac­to­ry matched frame com­po­nents, repli­ca win­dow sash from dozens of major brands, and many oth­er com­po­nents to rebuild your wood win­dows to their orig­i­nal beau­ty and func­tion. Vis­it our prod­uct home page today at: https://​www​.rewin​dowre​place​ment​.com.

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