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Window repair, not an emergency

Win­dow repair is not an emer­gency folks! It took 20 years for your win­dows to rot. A cou­ple more weeks won’t hurt anything.

The first thing about the win­dow indus­try is; it’s not in a hur­ry. So from a sup­ply stand point, we wait some­times 5 – 6 weeks just to get raw mate­ri­als in. Now we do a bet­ter job than most man­ag­ing this, but spe­cial orders take extra time. Also, dur­ing high vol­ume times of the year, sup­pli­ers are busy too. We all strug­gle to keep up. What I will ask is, Can any­one do it faster?” Most major win­dow com­pa­nies take 8 – 12 weeks to get you a stock item. We’re mak­ing this stuff from scratch and still get­ting it out usu­al­ly in 6 weeks or less!

Time is cer­tain­ly of the essence, but that depends on the time of year. We under­stand, sum­mer is over, the weath­er is turn­ing, and so is your atten­tion to your home to pre­pare it for win­ter. What we need cus­tomers to under­stand is EVERY­ONE ELSE has the same idea!

What’s wrong with the rest of the year? The sum­mer is a great time of year for win­dow repair. Its dry, warm. In the spring, flow­ers are bloom­ing, it’s new, it; fresh, why not make your win­dows feel the same? It doesn’t snow every­where in the win­ter. Where’s our south­ern friends in Jan­u­ary and February?

Why isn’t any­one in a hur­ry in the win­ter we won­der? I think it’s more about top of mind. Not many home­own­ers take time to inspect their win­dows reg­u­lar­ly. Usu­al­ly it’s a painter point­ing out win­dow repair needs dur­ing a paint job. We get it. You’re sud­den­ly made aware of this issue, you got the painter there, its one more prob­lem to deal with between soc­cer and choir practice…whatever. It; a has­sle you need to have go away, right away.

The thing to con­sid­er is not the lead time, but the fin­ished prod­uct. When you open that box to begin your win­dow repair, are you expect­ing some­thing that looks like it got done in a hur­ry? Of course not. You still expect a qual­i­ty prod­uct. Fen­ster only does things one way; The Right Way. The Right Way way takes time. The Right Way way takes more time August through Octo­ber because so many cus­tomers wait until this time to get it The Right Way.

We cer­tain­ly appre­ci­ate all of the win­dow repair busi­ness, any­time of year we can get it! We thank you! We ask for a lit­tle more patience this time of year to get your order done, what? The Right Way. Lead times in the fall can run 6 – 8 weeks. There are 9 more months of the year folks! If you want some­thing in a week, call us January!

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