Why replace your windows when you can repair them?

For years, I’ve been amazed at the num­ber of home­own­ers who would rather replace orig­i­nal wood win­dows with vinyl sub­sti­tutes then sim­ply repair them. Even after I explain that our cus­tom-built repairs will look as good as the orig­i­nals and often increase the val­ue of their home, I hear the com­mon refrain, I think I’d rather have new windows.”

If you’re think­ing the same thing, bear with me for just a moment. I’d like to walk you through the situation.

Let’s say you’re liv­ing in a nice house in a nice neigh­bor­hood. You’ve tak­en good care of your home but maybe haven’t paint­ed quite as often as you should have. (With the reces­sion we’ve just come out of, this is a com­mon issue.) So now you’re look­ing around the house and you notice some wood rot on a few win­dow sash­es. You call a win­dow com­pa­ny, they come to your house, take one look and say some­thing like, You’re going to need to replace those win­dows. The cost is about $850 each.” Ouch.

But if it’s just the sash that’s rot­ted, why replace the whole win­dow? Why not replace the sash? It’s much less expen­sive, main­tains the pleas­ing aes­thet­ic of your home, and is bet­ter for the over­all val­ue. Would you replace the whole car if you need­ed new tires?

If you’re see­ing signs of minor wood rot, bro­ken win­dow seals, or oth­er wear and tear, we can prob­a­bly help. Send us a few pho­tos, the name of the man­u­fac­tur­er (if you know it), and we can send you the pieces to make the repair your­self or with a qual­i­fied con­trac­tor in your area.

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