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Casement Window Sash Replacement

Have a case­ment win­dow sash replace­ment or repair project? Remov­ing a case­ment sash for repair or replace­ment can be sim­ple with these easy steps.

Stationary Sashes

There are sev­er­al meth­ods to secur­ing sta­tion­ary sash­es, depend­ing on the manufacturer.

1. There could be vis­i­ble screws through the edge of the sash frame or the mold­ing around the perime­ter of the sash on the inside.

2. There could be hid­den brack­ets behind the perime­ter mold­ing, in which case the mold­ing has to be removed.

3. Worse case, the sash was nailed or sta­pled in through the jamb at the fac­to­ry. In this case, the only way to remove the sash is to find the sta­ples around the sash and break or cut them.

Oper­a­ble Sashes

Most major man­u­fac­tur­ers all use the same brand/​style of hard­ware made by Truth. In gen­er­al, the fol­low­ing steps will help you remove an oper­a­ble case­ment sash.

1. With the sash open, line up the end of the long arm of the oper­a­tor with the arrow on the sash track. Push down on the arm to release the roller.

Remove big arm1

2. Release the small arm of the oper­a­tor from the post by pry­ing up on the end of the arm. If your hard­ware has a slip pin instead, slide the pin back away from the post to release.

3. Retract the oper­a­tor back to the closed posi­tion to remove the sash from the hinges.

4. Release both the top and bot­tom hinge arm from the hinge post by pry­ing up on the arm at the post, or by slid­ing back the slip clip.

Remove small arm 150x150

5. Slide the sash over to the open­ing in the hinge track to expose the hinge slid­er. Once the slid­er has been removed from the hinge track, the sash will be loose. Be sure you are ready to bear the weight of the sash at this time.

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